April 4, 2016


Phoebe Tonkin for Matteau Swim

The last 12 months seems to have been a blur for me. It’s weird to think how much can change in so little time. But I feel like at this present time in my life I’m pretty happy and lucky to be surrounded by such loving, like-minded and positive people.

Over the last few months I’ve been living in a bikini (not looking half as good as Phoebe Tonkin) trying to soak up as much Vitamin D before the temperatures drop and before I’m forced to live in my oyster blue NEUW leather jacket.

In terms of this blog, when I first started it I never really had a plan – it was just a place where I put down my thoughts, what inspired me and pictures I thought were pretty really. I hate feeling the pressure to update and maintain a steady flow of content because blogging has never really been a chore for me but rather an outlet where I can do my own thing. So I’m back at it and have so much stuff that I’ve been waiting to share with you for months, so thanks for sticking by me x

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