June 2, 2015


i-D magazine celebrates their 35th birthday with 18 covers. What I particularly love about i-D magazine is that they have always had their own unique edge on every other fashion magazine and don’t just report but rather create within their pages.

The above six covers are my favourites of the bunch as they represent women whose careers I have followed for years now and each of them have their own original stories.

Daria will always be the epitome of a supermodel to me: she is beyond beautiful, a natural stunner and her modelling style is always effortless yet she knows exactly what she is doing with her face and her angles. 

Lara is a goddess in every sense of the word – a killer body and a face of an angel. 

Jourdan is cheeky, sexy and absolutely slays on the catwalk. Oh, and she’s also not a bad cook either

Kate Moss is Kate Moss, she’s an icon in herself and is one for a reason. 

Like Kate, Malgosia has been reigning the fashion world since the nineties and seems to get better with age. Can you believe she is 37? Insane. Finally, 

Freja was everywhere when I first ‘got into’ fashion and she’ll always hold a special place in my heart.

Happy birthday i-D, and congratulations. It’s a true testament to your readership and the content that you produce, especially in this day and age, that you are still able to connect with and inspire over the years and I’m so happy that there are magazines like yours that have much more depth than just being a catalogue of pretty pictures and fluff pieces.

x Emily