April 11, 2015


Hi Internet! So someone’s been a busy little bee and hasn’t blogged for two months – crazy how quickly the time has gone by! But I am back and here to stay and have a lot of things in the works to share with you all!

So Fashion Week is also just around the corner and I thought what would be more appropriate than a post on my favourite beauty product at the moment that I use to get my skin glowing: Ren’s Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial. It is a godsend. The clever cookies at Ren have managed to stabilise Vitamin C that activates once in contact with water - genius! Every time I used this, my skin feels incredibly hydrated, refreshed and a little tight (in a good way) which is what I imagine a facial to feel like, and seeing as I am living the lifestyle of a uni student and can’t afford my weekly Omnilux facials this does just the trick to get my skin all bright and sparkly.

Do you have any favourite masks? I always love hearing other people’s recommendations!

E x

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