January 14, 2015


Image: Jennifer Toole via

I was a complete Neighbours nut in my late primary school and early high school years, so I have been a fan of Caitlin Stasey for a while now. Not only is she absolutely stunning but she is also hilarious, evidenced by her Twitter account. But through launching, I've come to see a different side to Caitlin that isn't really shown in the media. It's refreshing, honest and real.

Originally I was going to post this portrait cropped, however I thought that doing so would be contradicting exactly what Caitlin's endeavour is about - celebrating women, and their bodies, in a non-sexualised way.

Reading through the interviews with these women from all walks of life, I found myself nodding along to many of the points they made and it makes me feel so glad that there are people like Caitlin creating these kinds of spaces where women can speak and express themselves freely. What she's created is incredibly inspiring and beautiful, so I really recommend you check it out.

Emily x

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