January 21, 2015


FETE is like a daydream in real life. For the girls with stars in their eyes, love in their hearts & flowers in their hair.

I spoke to the beautiful mind behind the brand, Emily, to chat about life in LA, Starchild and her favourite things.

Name: Emily
Age: 23
Starsign: Aries (Pisces cusp, Cancer rising)
Hometown: Sunny Love Angeles

How did the label come about?

I came to this planet to help women feel confident and beautiful. My way of doing that is through clothes!
I had recurring dreams about it for years - I always knew I would start my own brand, but never expected it would happen that quickly. 

How LA has influenced her and her work:

Los Angeles a funny place. Personally, it suits my independence as I prefer to spend time alone. I do love it here, the sun is always shining and there's something magical about the canyons and the smog. Which means it's always summer! I design for fete with that in mind. That feeling of just being able to wake up and jump into a little dress, grab some sunglasses and be ready to go, day or night. It's also inspired me to find ways to make pieces versatile - so they're luxurious and make you feel fancy, but are also comfortable enough to be dressed down for something more casual.

On the new collection:

Spring 15 is called "starchild". It's for the girls with stars in their eyes, love in their hearts, and flowers in their hair. I was inspired by the song "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds", and what Lucy might wear today if she were having a fete champetre (garden party). It's also a personal one for me, I designed the whole collection with an old friend who passed away in mind - a celebration of pretty pieces she would have worn.

Morning ritual:

I usually wake up around 730, kiss my puppies, then coffee!! I take it cold with tons of almond milk and manuka honey.

Current nail colour: 

Neon pink.

Drink of choice: 

Champagne, obviously.

Most treasured item in her wardrobe:

The Love Angeles playsuit from this collection! It's my favorite.

Signature scent:

Gypsy Water by Byredo. It's amazing. Or Flying Fox by Lush!! I take a lot of bubble baths so I usually smell that. (I probably need rehab.)

Aspirations for 2015:

Meditate more, worry less, get more organized.


I always listen to the same music - I really love British rock, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones... plus Steve Miller Band and Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

all images via fete

E x

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