July 13, 2015


When I first got into skincare I followed the whole “cleanse, tone, moisturise” routine. Then over time it got a little more complex than that and the 'tone' step had disappeared entirely from my regime as I hadn't really thought I had needed it and dubbed it glorified water. However, I now realise toners are beautiful little gems that not only have contributed to making my skin clearer but also have extra benefits to give to my skin.

So what does a toner do exactly? They are essentially used to complete the cleansing process and balance the pH of the skin. French women use them all the time in their regimes - and let's be real, the French always know best. I prefer to pour a little onto a piece of cotton and wipe it over my face as I find that most effective in getting rid of any excess cleanser and make up that might be left on the face. My skin then feels all refreshed, supple and clean and it makes whatever serums and moisturisers that I put over the top of it work much more effectively.

My favourite toner of late has been the Origins A Perfect World Treatment Lotion with White Tea. It smells divine and is packed full of beautiful antioxidants, soothes the skin and leaves my face feeling so soft and refreshed without feeling tight like some other toners I've tried as it's alcohol-free.

x Emily

June 2, 2015


i-D magazine celebrates their 35th birthday with 18 covers. What I particularly love about i-D magazine is that they have always had their own unique edge on every other fashion magazine and don’t just report but rather create within their pages.

The above six covers are my favourites of the bunch as they represent women whose careers I have followed for years now and each of them have their own original stories.

Daria will always be the epitome of a supermodel to me: she is beyond beautiful, a natural stunner and her modelling style is always effortless yet she knows exactly what she is doing with her face and her angles. 

Lara is a goddess in every sense of the word – a killer body and a face of an angel. 

Jourdan is cheeky, sexy and absolutely slays on the catwalk. Oh, and she’s also not a bad cook either

Kate Moss is Kate Moss, she’s an icon in herself and is one for a reason. 

Like Kate, Malgosia has been reigning the fashion world since the nineties and seems to get better with age. Can you believe she is 37? Insane. Finally, 

Freja was everywhere when I first ‘got into’ fashion and she’ll always hold a special place in my heart.

Happy birthday i-D, and congratulations. It’s a true testament to your readership and the content that you produce, especially in this day and age, that you are still able to connect with and inspire over the years and I’m so happy that there are magazines like yours that have much more depth than just being a catalogue of pretty pictures and fluff pieces.

x Emily

May 11, 2015


image taken by yours truly

Gary Bigeni is known for his bold designs and while his show at Fashion Week this year gave us a glimpse at a more muted and grown up collection from him, the beauty look stood out and reflected his cheeky and colourful presence.

Models glided down with youthful, glowing skin and a striking cobalt blue shade painted on the lids. The look pared back beautifully with the neutral tones and "no effort" hair, adding an element of playfulness to his collection.

E x

April 11, 2015


Hi Internet! So someone’s been a busy little bee and hasn’t blogged for two months – crazy how quickly the time has gone by! But I am back and here to stay and have a lot of things in the works to share with you all!

So Fashion Week is also just around the corner and I thought what would be more appropriate than a post on my favourite beauty product at the moment that I use to get my skin glowing: Ren’s Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial. It is a godsend. The clever cookies at Ren have managed to stabilise Vitamin C that activates once in contact with water - genius! Every time I used this, my skin feels incredibly hydrated, refreshed and a little tight (in a good way) which is what I imagine a facial to feel like, and seeing as I am living the lifestyle of a uni student and can’t afford my weekly Omnilux facials this does just the trick to get my skin all bright and sparkly.

Do you have any favourite masks? I always love hearing other people’s recommendations!

E x

February 12, 2015


Now before you think I’m getting all Fifty Shades on you, relax. I thought I’d put together a little single girl’s guide to celebrating Valentine’s Day because you’ve only got yourself to love for the rest of your life.


I recently treated myself to a stunning lingerie set from Agent Provocateur. Despite mainly wearing a colour palette of black and white, there’s just something about red that seems to draw me in. The detailing on these pieces are so beautiful and I’m so happy to have my first AP set!

I’ll always be faithful to my beloved Lonely pieces – not only are they insanely comfortable but they look amazing, so much so that you’ll want to show them off one way or another. This Lulu set is my favourite in my collection, it’s strappy without being tacky and is one I wear time and time again.


Take the time out of your day to really look after yourself – one of my favourite ways to do that is my skincare ritual. I first start with my Omorovicza Thermal Cleansing Balm, it gives my skin a really deep clean with the Hungarian mud drawing out all the impurities in the skin and leaves it looking and feeling fresh without feeling stripped or tight at all.

I’ve talked about the wonders of this Ren Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask before – it is the perfect boost for my skin, it resurfaces, brightens and my skin glows after using it.

Sunday Riley’s Good Genes is another old favourite that I’ve spoken about before – it brightens, firms, plumps – it’s practically liquid gold.

I fell in love with the packaging of this La Mav Certified Organic Pure Rosehip Oil but it’s more than a pretty face. Rosehip oil is an essential in my beauty arsenal because it sinks beautifully into the skin, balances the oil in my t-zone and is a really beautiful night treatment. I wake up with healthy looking skin every time!


Valentine’s day and red lipstick kind of go hand in hand, and it’s even better when there’s no one to mess it all up. 

My go-tos are... Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Dragon Girl – a beautiful pink-toned red that instantly brightens my entire face. Burberry Lip Cover in Union Red is gorgeous hydrating fully pigmented true red that I use straight from the bullet or blotted to give a bit of a stained effect. Bloom’s Bella lipstick is a really lovely hydrating formula that feels really nourishing on the lips without skimping on colour. Nars lipstick in Red Lizard is a semi-matte deep red that looks amazing on all skin tones.


It’s important to remember to take a break and truly appreciate the down time that we get. We’re all guilty of being glued to our phones so light a candle and read a book to help you unwind.

Glasshouse just released this beauty of a candle that I have become addicted to called Verona that smells light a dozen roses. It leaves my room smelling like a garden, slightly sweet but so fresh and not overbearingly floral.

I also picked up Love and Misadventure by Lang Leav and Dirty Pretty Things by Michael Faudet. Michael is my favourite poet and I have been loving reading a selection of his work every night before bed. Lang is his partner and her work is just as incredible. I highly recommend you check out their work.


Finally, to me there’s nothing more romantic than scent. My favourite fragrance will always be Molecule 01 from Escentric Molecules which works together with your own pheromones to create your very own scent unique to you, just with woodier notes. I love pairing it with my Diptyque Eau Duelle – it’s a rich spicy vanilla scent that I think is so captivating when worn on the skin.

I hope you all have an amazing Valentine’s Day whatever you decide to do. To me it’s just like any other day but it’s always nice to give yourself a bit of extra love when you can find the time! 'Til next time, lovers!