September 5, 2014


Who is Chadwick Bell? I’m not quite sure. But if his Spring 2015 collection is anything to go by, I’d say his is a name worth remembering.
Let's be real here, I've never understood the art of layering. I only ever wear my navy Nicholas coat, leather jacket or black blazer. I wish I could be one of those girls who can just pull off a selection of layers like it's noone's business (I'm looking at you, Margaret Zhang).

Chadwick Bell has perfected this art, teaming thick leather gilets with light fabrics and skirts over pants that could otherwise look too heavy but yet somehow they work, coming off crisp and streamlined. The colour palette is right up my alley: predominantly white, a hint of black and peeps of pale pink, navy and some seriously good terracotta leather pieces.

The leather obi belts and origami-like folds give the collection a bit of a Japanese vibe, which is fused with deep V-necklines, slits and boxy cuts to create more modern silhouettes. The perfect mix of delicate details and clean-cut lines. Chadwick, you have my heart.

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