July 29, 2014


Witchery can do no wrong in my eyes at the moment, the label just keeps going from strength to strength with such a clear creative direction. With every season I find myself lusting after new pieces – and, of course, the latest Spring Summer drop is no different. There are so many pieces that fill in the gaps in my wardrobe, so many easy-to-wear separates and everything just looks so effortless.

This season’s campaign is fronted by none other than American beauty Cameron Russell. If you haven’t seen her TED Talk, click here. There’s so much more to her than just a pretty face and has some really incredible things to say about the fashion industry and ideas about beauty. Such an incredible and inspiring lady involved with an iconic Aussie brand, wholly encompassing what Witchery is all about: empowering women. They've absolutely nailed it in terms of the styling as well, I feel like I need all of these complete looks because they work together so well and so seamlessly.

Wishlisting: the bandeau, the crop and the bustier. Oh, and I cannot wait for the next drop so I can get my hands on those striped pants!!!

E x

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