June 2, 2014


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Why is it that I post the most regularly when I’m avoiding doing other (and arguably more important) things? In this instance it’s my final essay for the semester. And what better time to bring out the tablet and brush up on my Photoshop skills than when you have an essay due, right? Right.

I fell hard for the Pre-Fall collection from Ellery entitled Transcendenta. I have always had a soft spot for the label this collection is quintessentially Ellery: luxe and streamlined and so chic. Kym has really mastered the art of incorporating the most incredible fabrics and textures her garments which I believe to be one of the label's greatest strengths and point of difference in the fashion world. Satin, silk and velvet - delicious.

In true Ellery style, the boxy shapes and structured silhouettes are balanced out by feminine details in exaggerated bell sleeves and deep V-necklines. But the thing that I love the most about Transcendenta is that it really is transcendent across seasons. These aren't purely trend-based pieces, they will stand the test of time. And let's be honest, when you're paying that much money you don't want to only be able to wear it for a season or two before it goes out of fashion. I could happily wear this collection exclusively for the rest of my life. No really, if you don't believe me I will accept the challenge provided you buy the clothes for me. (Please.)

I have also been obsessed with everything strapless and off the shoulder of late - those bustiers are perfection. Just recently I also finally purchased the Christopher Esber reversible halter dress after lusting after it for almost a year now - definitely justified. And, oh, it is an absolute dream on, so much so that I am saving it to wear to my 21st… in a year’s time. I realise that is a very, very long time to wear something but this is without a doubt my favourite thing that is hanging in my wardrobe and it deserves a special night to be worn on.

So back to how dreamy this collection is. Another knock-out collection from one of my favourite homegrown labels, I'll be scraping at pennies to afford a little somethin' somethin' for myself (oh the life of a poor university student). I'm eyeing off the USSR skirt and the Savannah velvet crop is just divine... Sigh. 

E x

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