June 9, 2014


The rest of the country may be grasping on to the few hours they have left of the long weekend, this girl is loving life because I’m on semester break, baby!

So what have I been doing apart from avoiding all the sales that are going on right now? (I’ve already failed at that even though I’m meant to be saving for my little overseas trip in a few weeks – more details on that coming soon!)

I’ve also been been doing a big cleanse – my room, my virtual life, my laptop. It’s the most therapeutic thing, cutting the clutter so you’re left with a clean slate. I feel like the state of my room is also a reflection of my state of mind at the time so I’ve been trying to clear out as much unnecessary stuff as I can.

Suki Waterhouse is my current girl crush. She’s the epitome of an ‘It’ Girl with her classic good looks, flawless winged liner, bold brows perfectly blow-dried bangs and British charm. Oh, and her style of course. She may have even influenced a sneaky purchase of a pale pink (Emily wearing colour?!?!?) midi skirt for a friend’s wedding and I’m actually so surprised by how versatile a piece it is. She’s even dating Bradley Cooper… The envy is endless.

I've also been loving the Jo Malone White Jasmine & Mint fragrance that my friends bought me for my birthday. It's not a scent I would usually go for but I find the crispness of the mint contrasted with the subtleness of the florals is really refreshing and it's been my go-to daytime fragrance.

I'll be posting more regularly these days so stay tuned, so many exciting things in the works!

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  1. Oh yeah, Suki is a babe. Woohoo I hear ya, I'm on semester break after Friday! Too keen for freedom.