May 12, 2014


As the temperature drops, I've found my usual skincare routine just won't cut it anymore and my skin needs a little extra lovin'.

So let me just start of by saying I hate scrubs, both the ones TLC were talking about and manual exfoliators. Ever since my first purchase of St Ives Apricot Scrub my mother told me it was doing more harm than good and, of course, she was right. With something so abrasive I found myself over-exfoliating and it took a while for my skin to recover. However, Dermalogica's Daily Microfoliant is unlike any other manual exfoliant I have come across. It's gentle, creamy and a joy to use. 

Most days I will opt for a exfoliating toner with alpha-hydroxy acids to do all the dirty work but on days where I need a boost in brightness I'll reach for the Dermalogica. It actually comes in the form of a dry rice powder that activates when mixed with water. I'll wet my hands then tip some of the powder out to create a gorgeous creamy lather. Afterwards my skin is just left so, so smooth but still really comfortable.

One of my can't live without products and a staple in my beauty cupboard! Would love to hear about your skincare favourites or if you've used this before!

E x

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