May 30, 2014


tsasha olivier for sýn

This weekend could not come any sooner for me so I am absolutely wrapped that it’s finally Friday, my second favourite f-word. I’ll be ringing in the weekend by watching my all-time favourites Movement tonight. I’ve been playing their new EP on repeat since it was released at the beginning of the month and I can’t wait to see them live again.

Back in October last year the band was kind enough to have me profile them for one of my university assignments and thought I'd share what the boys had to say:

How we started 
Jesse and Sean have been friends since early high school years. We have been writing together for the past 3-4 years privately without releasing anything until our first single Feel Real. We wanted to get a new dynamic to our writing so through mutual friends we heard Lewis’ voice and started writing with him.

Why we started
We wanted to write music that we were proud of. We wanted to be able to see the world together. We wanted people to be able to make memories to our music all around the world. Well, that was the plan.

First performance
First performance was a house party with 200 people who came. We closed the house party down unfortunately.

Best performance
The best show for us would have to be playing before KLAXONS. We have been long time admires of their music and I would say Jesse and I started playing together because of them. For Modular to ask us to play just before them and to have them watch our show was unreal. We wrote about it afterwards on our tumblr (
"the other night we went on stage at a quarter to midnight. it was late, but the room was full. it felt right playing our music at the time that we write most of it. things are picking up pace and we have so much I cant wait to show, trying to be different is the only thing on anyones mind, that and ‘not caring’. Still, being different doing something you believe in is totally surreal. most of it I probably cant understand right now, when your ten shows in theres a lot of room to grow, or at least thats what we keep being told."

Signing with Modular
It was a total dream come true - something which we have been wanting since our high school days after seeing Klaxons at the Enmore. We were completely stoked to get an email late one night from Pav the founder of Modular Recordings saying he was into our music. 

How last year impacted them
This year has been mental. To wake up and have pitchfork music blog give us best new track to having 200k plays in two weeks of our newest single to having huge things happening in the pipe line for the next year. We are ready. can't wait.

This is one of their latest tunes that I haven't stopped listening to (Lewis' voice is actually like hot caramel, so so good). I hope you enjoyed this little break from what I usually post, happy Friday!

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