March 7, 2014


It might be strange coming from someone who almost exclusively wears black, white and grey, but Miu Miu will always be a show I look forward to because of the bursts of colours that come along with it. I liken the label to confectionery, super sweet and once you get a taste you can't get enough - it's an addiction.

With Nicholas Ghesquiere’s debut for Louis Vuitton (unreal!) and that ridiculous Chanel shopping centre that saw me glued to Instagram and Twitter for a solid 45 minutes scrolling through all the photos and updates - I mean only Karl could pull something like that off - Miu Miu may not have been the most buzzed about show on the Paris schedule, but it really did hold its own and was the perfect mix of plastic fantastic and a playful yet grown-up take on pastels.

Parkas were given a luxe feel with beautiful embossed brocades and amazing block colours. The embellishments were wonderfully balanced by the simple shapes and soft palette

I have such admiration for Miuccia's creative vision for the brand and it's been a thrill to watch it flourish into such a well-established and beloved luxury line. And not to mention theIR amazing celebrity collaborations - have you seen the ads with Elle, Bella, Lupita and Elizabeth?! I'll link it below if you haven't. I, much like the rest of the world right now, am completely infatuated with and inspired by Lupita; her elegance, beauty and willingness to voice her opinions in such an articulate way (exhibit A). She truly is a gorgeous soul and her incredible outer beauty is most definitely a reflection of that.

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And here's the Spring 2014 ad campaign featuring Elle Fanning, Bella Heathcoate, Lupita Nyong'o and Elizabeth Olsen. So much fun.

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