March 11, 2014


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My mother hails from a beautiful country in South East Asia called Laos and grew up and lived in the capital, Vientiane, up until her early teenage years.

It's a country that rarely goes unnoticed, unless you count it being an infamous global hotspot for young backpackers who go there for tubing and drinking.

My first ever NARS product was a Multiple in the shade 'Copacabana'. It was 2011 and I had been waiting until my trip to Hong Kong in celebration of the end of my high school education to finally get my hands on it. I was in heaven when I reached the NARS counter in Langham Place, the matte black packaging got my heart racing a little and when I returned home I couldn't use it for a solid month or so in fear of ruining the perfection. Don't judge me.

So when NARS announced they were releasing a matte version of these cult multi-purpose wonders I couldn't contain my excitement. This increased tenfold when I found out that Fran├žois had chosen the names of cities and countries known for being drenched in sun for these bad boys, Laos and Vientiane included! Also available are Anguilla, Exumas, 

Naturally, I have to get my hands on them and from the photos and videos I've seen of them they are incredible. They're able to be used wet (for a more sheered out look) or dry (if you want fuller colour) and will be coming in beautiful shades of matte pinks and reds for the lips and cheeks as well as browns to bronze and contour - who doesn't love a good cream contour, am I right?

No word on when they'll be released at Mecca in Australia yet but my guess is May, here's hoping it's in time for my birthday. I'll be sure to keep you posted about this, haven't been more excited about a beauty release in a long time!

Have you tried the NARS Multiples before?

E x

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