January 30, 2014


Jewellery holds a very special place in my heart, and I’m sure in many of yours too. When I came across Saskia Diez’s work I was smitten. The Berlin-based beauty only started her eponymous label in 2007 and has already gained an impressive cult following, with good reason! In such a short amount of time, Saskia has brought out an incredible range of stunning pieces ranging from earcuffs to her signature sling rings as well as releasing two perfumes, GOLD and SILVER.

The divine Saskia chatted to me about her work, life and her loves.

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Please tell me a little bit about yourself...

I founded the label in 2007. From my professional background I am a trained goldsmith and after completing the craftsmanship I studied Industrial Design. I worked for a couple of Designers, Christian Haas, Konstantin Grcic and for the company Rosenthal.

Who is the woman that you are designing for?

I always start with myself. Of course I do not design everything for me neither do I wear every piece I am designing. But I work in a very close dialogue with me and my body.

How has your German background influenced your aesthetic?

In fact I do not feel very German. I am half Dutch but I also do not feel very Dutch. There has always been a strong connection to France. What may be is kind of German is a tendency to simplicity, to logic.

Most treasured item in your wardrobe?

A little leather jacket from the brand Pulver, a brand that I liked a lot. It was 4 girls working together but they separated and the brand does not exist anymore since a couple of years. Still that little jacket, from super soft washed leather is one of my favorite pieces. It dresses up simple outfits and dresses down too elegant dresses.

What or who inspires you creatively?

Traveling. In the sense of moving, of a wandering mind. Stories. Friendship. Love.

What is your favourite piece that you have designed?

This is always changing. Usually I wear pieces of the actual collection I am working on. To see how they feel, how I feel with them, how they look when you wear them. I kind of live with them for a while and always I have the feeling these pieces I will never take off again. I feel bare without them. And then, I start working on the next collection. But for sure there are pieces that I wear again and again. One piece that I particularly like are the multi PAILLETTES earrings, instantly you feel glamorous. What I also wear a lot at the moment are the MIGHTY earcuffs.

Greatest achievement/s so far?

My three kids.

The best advice you have been given?

Be yourself.

Is there anything you cannot leave the house without?

I wear jewellery. I feel kind of naked without. And protected with. No matter if it is a visible piece or something that only I know I am wearing.

Signature scent?

At the moment: GOLD, one of the scents I did together with Geza Schoen.

Favourite films?

The Dancer Upstairs. Life Flesh. Match Point. Deconstructing Harry. When Night falls. Darjeeling Limited.

Favourite music artists and/or bands?

The Kills, Chromatics, Tindersticks, The Citizens.

Favourite colour?

In winter I wear mainly black. But in summer I like colours. Pink in various shades, from pale to bright.

Favourite fashion designers?

Phoebe Philo, Stella McCartney, Miuccia Prada.

On your wishlist?

I am waiting for a little clutch out of soft leather in the color of concrete I ordered at Isaac Reina, and a nice black dress by Jean-Paul L'Espagnard, with whom I shared the showroom in Paris last season.

Any guilty pleasures?

That's a secret.

What’s next for Saskia Diez?

At the moment we are working on a store in China. Including interior, dresses for the stuff, special developments for the market there.

I've curated just a handful of my favourite pieces of Saskia's which are available to purchase at her online store, My Chameleon and La Garçonne.


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