January 3, 2014


If there's one beauty product I can never have too many of, it's highlighters. It might be down to my love of pretty, shiny things but I think they are a staple in any girl's beauty arsenal, acting as the perfect pick-me-up. Out of all the ones I own, I usually find myself reaching for my beloved RMS Living LuminizerIt's definitely the most unique in my collection, with a lovely wet, cream-like formula that makes it a dream to apply with fingers. It doesn't add any colour, more like a subtle sheen, leaving behind the most beautiful, dewy glow. It's pretty much magic in a pot! And the fact that all Rose-Marie's products are 100% natural is just a little bonus.

Let me know what beauty products you can't live without, your favourite highlighters or if you've tried anything from RMS Beauty!

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