October 27, 2013


images via refinery29

Another day, another item I’m lusting after. I’ve always been pretty low maintenance when it comes to adorning my ears, my earrings of choice are ball studs in silver or rose gold in varying sizes. I’m also a big fan of the pearl stud, there’s something so classy about them and they really do go with anything. It takes a lot for me to get excited about a pair of earrings but Dior has done just that by taking pearls to a whole other level. Seriously, how GOOD are these?! Will be swinging by my local Dior boutique in search of a pair and if they happen to have them in stock I’m taking it as a sign that they were made to be mine. Bravo, Raf Simons, bravo.

Emily xx

October 21, 2013


Had the laziest of days today ahead of a chock-a-block week. When looking at everything I have planned for the next few days I can’t help but feel a little overwhelmed but I am also ridiculously excited to tackle another beautiful week. I’ve had a lot on my plate lately and having things to do is always a welcome distraction from the thoughts that are constantly running around in this brain of mine.

I've been listening to plenty of old school Kanye, Cassie, Drizzy Drake and my favourite band, MOVEMENT. These Sydney boys are just pure talent, absolutely incredible live and are set to conquer. Trust me, your ears, hearts and souls will be thanking me once you check out their Soundcloud.

And amongst all the chaos that is my life, I may have made a sneaky purchase as a little pick-me-up. Cannot wait to show you what I bought!

Have a gorgeous week!

Em xx

October 13, 2013


As the heat rises here in Sydney, I’m easing back into wearing colour. One of my favourite colours at the moment is orange and I have been all over incorporating it into my beauty routine, and no, I’m not talking fake tan – I’ve avoided that stuff since a very unfortunate experience in Year 10 – I’m talking delicious peachy tones on my face.

For the cheeks, I have been alternating between my favourite Peach Glow blush from Natio and Benefit’s Coralista. They instantly warm up the face and add the most beautiful, healthy glow. I also adore Becca’s Beach Tint in Grapefruit – it’s a liquid that looks incredibly natural when blended onto the cheeks as well as on the lips.

I’m also still on the hunt for the perfect coral lipstick. I’ve been pining over the Sunday Riley lipstick in Havana Heyday and YSL’s Extreme Coral.

What colours are you loving for the warmer weather and are you an orange lover like me?

Em xx