March 14, 2013


I have fallen head over heels for Sydney label eska alikai and after much anticipation, they've just launched their fresh new website and I couldn't be happier!

It's hard to believe eska alikai was incepted just one year ago, the pieces are so refined and well put together with such a clear aesthetic that is reminiscent of a label that with years of collections under its belt.

For the latest collection, Aeon Flyde, designer Micha looked to the Scandinavian wilderness as inspiration which is evident in the clean cut and modern lines that carry through the collection. It features delicious leather pieces in lambskin and mottled sheepskin textures which are sure to become well-loved staples in any girl's wardrobe.

You can shop eska alikai at their new website here! I can't wait to show you all what I purchased!

March 1, 2013


Head over to Breakfast With Audrey here for my report on Alexander Wang's debut collection for Balenciaga. I die for the cracked white paint.

Are we all Team Wang or Team Ghesquière?