November 11, 2013


vitreous |ˈvitrēəs|

like glass in appearance or physical properties.
×    (of a substance) derived from or containing glass

While it may not be the most beautiful day in Sydney – it’s currently pouring, the sky is a blinding shade of grey and I’m stuck inside finishing off my last assignment for the year – this enchanting little film directed by Kinga Burza for the Ellery Resort ’14 collection ‘Vitreous’ has made my Monday that much better.

Filmed in the incredible Japanese garden at the House of Kenzo in Paris, the only thing dreamier than the picturesque backdrop is the clothes. The Resort collection is full of divine prints, luxe silks and a heavenly palette of creams, whites, rich berries and blacks. And oh to be the model, all perfectly chopped hair, pomegranate stained lips and draped in Kym’s designs.

Set to the sweet sounds of Joe & Donnie Emerson, it truly is a delight for all the senses with each element working in harmony to make what is possibly my favourite fashion film ever.

So snuggle up, boil yourself some green tea, press play and get lost in Elleryland.

x Emily


  1. So dreamyyyyy! How convenient I already had a green tea next to me; this Sydney weather is being incredibly moody.