October 21, 2013


Had the laziest of days today ahead of a chock-a-block week. When looking at everything I have planned for the next few days I can’t help but feel a little overwhelmed but I am also ridiculously excited to tackle another beautiful week. I’ve had a lot on my plate lately and having things to do is always a welcome distraction from the thoughts that are constantly running around in this brain of mine.

I've been listening to plenty of old school Kanye, Cassie, Drizzy Drake and my favourite band, MOVEMENT. These Sydney boys are just pure talent, absolutely incredible live and are set to conquer. Trust me, your ears, hearts and souls will be thanking me once you check out their Soundcloud.

And amongst all the chaos that is my life, I may have made a sneaky purchase as a little pick-me-up. Cannot wait to show you what I bought!

Have a gorgeous week!

Em xx


  1. Thank you for the new music ideas, can't wait to give Movement a listen!

    The Penny Rose