September 8, 2013


Alexander Wang keeps proving time and time again why he is the prince of cool when it comes to fashion. However his collection for Spring 2014 RTW saw Wang taking a step away from his signature urban style and added a cleaner and more sophisticated edge. He has even gone beyond his usual palette of black, white and grey, breaking it up by introducing tender hues of blue and pink. 

High necklines, boxy pleats and cropped shirts  reigned. Oh and I think it's safe to say that by judging from this show and Rag & Bone's, it looks like preppy style is back. Wang manages to make tailoring look relaxed all while playing on the femininity of the wearer. Although many of the looks involved flashes of skin, they allow them to do so tastefully and the focus remains on the beauty of the garments - it's all about balance.

My two favourite looks from the show included a beautifully structured short-sleeved jacket and foldover shorts combo in white with contrast stitching (pictured above on Kasia) and a sweet powder blue shirt with a white collar and cuffs together with a matching pair of pinstripe boxer shorts (as seen below on my girl Behati).

I can definitely see a lot of Balenciaga's influence in many of the pieces and to be honest, if you didn't tell me this was Wang's collection I probably wouldn't have guessed. Although there are still some elements that are signature to his style - the structured shapes, slits, bare midriffs, clean lines and sportswear style - it's great to watch the designer's vision and creativity evolve and mature. I mean, I would never have expected to see an argyle printed cardigan from him.

Although the collection shows a different side to Wang, he has definitely not lost what he does best; that being his ability to showcase sexiness through minimalism. I can't wait to see what he brings to the table for Balenciaga. 

highlights from alexander wang spring 2014 rtw via


  1. Absolutely loved this show, want every piece!! Great post :)

  2. you have a lovely blog <3 i really love this show!! but the model with the brown hair looks little bit old, haha XD i really love his clothes, great choice! thanks for sharing :)
    kisses ♥