July 3, 2013


When I first saw this collection this morning chills ran down my spine. With every collection he produces, Dion seems to push the envelope and exceed the expectations of his peers time and time again. Through all of this, he remains one of the loveliest and most humble people I’ve ever met and for that I have even more respect for him not only as an artist but, more importantly, as a person.

Oil + Water is an incredible display of what Dion does best: structural works of art with clean-cut lines in a crisp colour palette. And, of course, a hint of sweet, sweet leather.  The way he plays with the beauty of symmetry and asymmetry are inspired and the folds and cutouts he creates are what challenge the traditional.

Elements of water in the wetsuit-like details, shocks of blue and sheer fabrics work together with those of oil in the fluid black leather and monochromatic rippled prints to create a ceremonious harmony between the two.

Dion shows us that there is a beautiful balance between purity and darkness, and in doing so he proves why he is one of our premiere fashion exports. In a sea of copycats and similarity in designs, Dion takes the risk of trying something new and different which is what excites me and what makes him a true innovator in the field of fashion.

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  1. I definitely need to start counting my pennies for some of these babies!

    x karen

  2. This was the best designer discovery all month, never heard of Dion. At first I was like, Emily what are you talking about...I'm bored here! Ha. But then I scroll, and scroll...and was like oh my god she's right. This collection is stunning. And is for THAT WOMAN. You know, the one with elegance and only needs the dress. If I can pull one of these off with just black shoes and a mignon bun, I can die happy.

  3. I'm in love with this look. x