June 21, 2013


source: coyotenegro

Still cannot get this beautiful piece of Balenciaga metal out of my head. I've been lusting over the stunning silver Sarah and Sebastian for Dion Lee headpiece and have seen myself ready to checkout and purchase it but my mind keeps questioning the wearability and practicality of it. Not only that, I'm not sure how good it would look when worn with strands that aren't permanently Pantene silky smooth (which mine definitely are not). I've consulted the Westfield cost-per-wear tool that Francesca mentioned on her great blog and if I wear it thrice a month for two years, I'm looking at $5.42 per wear. Justified? Debatable...

I also wanted to check in with you all and remind you to follow me over on Bloglovin'. As I'm sure most of you would know by now, Google Friend Connect will be lost forever come July but those clever people over at Bloglovin' have made it ridiculously simple for you to transfer your favourites from GFC over to Bloglovin' - just click right here and it'll take care of all the hard work! Too easy!

Cannot wait to share more exciting things with you all very soon, expect regular posts from me in during my uni break - I just have to wait for final exam on Monday to be over! 

Emily xx

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  1. would love to follow u on bloglovin' :)