May 13, 2013


Well look who's been a bad blogger! After a minor hiatus (I blame uni, work and birthday celebrations!), I'm back on the highest of notes with an incredible little write-up on a very talented young lady by the name of Miss Emily Van Der Lowden.

There aren't too many people who can say they have their own label fresh from graduating from college and even fewer can say that they have also been offered an internship at Alexander Wang's New York head office, and while Emily has achieved both of these things she remains refreshingly humble about all her success. 

At the tender age of 21, she has established her beautiful label Argyle Agrum that specialises is the most incredible architectural leather works of art. Her latest collection  'High Sci-fiety' is refined and full of glorious leathers in optical white and tar black with flecks of silver running throughout. I'm obsessed with the cut-out details - that Incision top and skirt combo is heaven! - that elevate the pieces to a whole other level.

I got to speak to the lovely Emily about where it all began, her incredible designs, and her aspirations for the future. Remember this name, ladies and gents, you will be sure to see much more of her and her work!

Oh My Gilded: How did you get started and what inspired you to start designing?

Emily Van Der Lowden: From a very young age I always loved dressing up and always had an obsession with clothing. I would always read my mother's fashion magazines and would always watch her sew. I always knew I wanted to work in fashion but never wanted to design clothes.

When I was in year 11 as a selected subject at my school I chose to study 'Textiles and Design' it was at that point that I first learnt to sew and received  a sewing machine for my 16th birthday. It was at that point that I first started creating my own garments and would fix things for friends. My Mother told me about a prestigious Design College called 'Whitehouse Institute of Design' and after going there when I was 16 for an open day I knew that I had to get into that college and it was my dream to go there. 

I graduated my HSC and went for the interview into Whitehouse in Sydney and got accepted. It was a dream come true and one that has stemmed the foundations behind everything that has resulted in Argyle Agrum. 

I started my Bachelor of Design majoring in Fashion in 2010 when I was the young age of 17. We were taught to design in design class and it was at that point that I took a real loving to it. 

Three years later I graduated with my Bachelor of Design and got accepted with an internship at Alexander Wang in New York, that was my plan for this year. However with my graduate collection hype just kept growing and growing with it until it reached the point of starting Argyle Agrum. It all honestly happened so quickly.

Oh My Gilded: What are some of the inspirations behind your latest collection, High Sci-fiety?

The most common element of inspiration always for me is concrete and modern architecture. With buildings that boast the use of glass, metal and have grande facades, are the ones I always find myself being drawn to. 

High Sci-fiety had inspiration from too many modern architectural buildings to name. However I also researched architecture of the future and that is where they sci-fi elements came into the collection. 

OMG: What's the most prized possession in your wardrobe?

EVDL: I definitely would have to say the Alexander Wang dress my friends surprised me with for my 21st birthday in March this year. It stays in it's original packaging and box I love it so much!

OMG: Are there any items that you're coveting at the moment?

EVDL: Oh my goodness so many! Honestly too many things are on my need list! I basically just want anything leather from Céline or Alexander Wang.

OMG: Who are your favourite designers?

EVDL: Alexander Wang I would say is my obsession, he is a creative genius and you can't even use words to sum up his creations.

OMG: What would you say is your biggest achievement so far?

EVDL: Honestly I would have to say that every day things just leave me speechless. When someone huge follows me on Instagram or when some one wants to interview me. Just the fact that people want to wear and feature Argyle Agrum in their publications and are interested in my work. It all just leaves me speechless, it's so exciting   I'm so lucky!

OMG: The best advice you've been given?

EVDL: "Live the life you have always imagined".

OMG: What's next for Argyle Agrum and Emily Van Der Lowden?

EVDL: As I said in an earlier question it has all happened so fast! There are so many exciting projects and collaborations coming up for Argyle Agrum very soon.

You can purchase Argyle Agrum from their online store as well as Girls With Gems. And make sure you check out Emily's Instagram @argyle_agrum too where you can find beautiful snaps of her creations including the most incredible leather pants I've ever laid eyes upon - so in love!

You can also take a peak at her latest collection 'High Sci-fiety' below:

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