April 6, 2013


I’ve met my fair share of fashion folk but jewellery designer Venice Rish is one of the most down-to-earth and loveliest people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. She is so sweet and the sheer rawness of her personality is so refreshing and I love how this is reflected in her beautiful jewellery.

Entering Venice’s studio is like stepping into a treasure trove. It’s very homely and intimate, and Venice takes me through almost every piece she has on display and she speaks with so much passion about the stories behind their creation. Her work is inspired by nature, with insects, animals, minerals and flora playing major roles in her collections. Her now signature glass pieces are truly breathtaking – I mean I use the word stunning quite frequently but these pieces are the definition of stunning. As much as I tried it was so hard for me to capture how exquisite the colours really are with my camera – when the light hits from different angles there is nothing else like it. Her silver and gold pieces are so beautiful, I particularly fell hard for the series of universe earrings.

Each piece of hers is an artwork in itself, from the incredible glass praying mantis earrings she created for Michael Lo Sordo’s MBFWA show last year right down to the intricate etching plated pendants which she draws by hand then shrinks down to size to put onto necklaces and bracelets. My absolute favourite pieces of hers are the lovebug earrings, which are just about the cutest things ever. I love the unique design that have them crawling up the side of your ear which is the way Venice intended for them to be worn – quirky but adorable!

So what’s next for Venice? She is currently working on a collaboration with upcoming Aussie label Desert Designs for their MBFWA debut as part of the New Generation show for next week. She then plans to study at the prestigious Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design in London. Whatever’s in store for her, I have no doubt she has an incredibly bright future ahead of her and I cannot wait to see more from this beautiful and talented lady!

You can buy Venice Jewellery from her online store or at Désordre in Darlinghurst.


  1. The shimmer in the first piece is just beautiful!

    PixelHazard | Bright Green Laces |

    1. It's honestly magical in real life, such a stunning piece!

      Emily xx

  2. Gorgeous Jewelry! You have a great taste!