April 15, 2013


And so it ends… MBFWA has finally come to a close for 2013 and it’s all a little bittersweet for me. First off, to be a part of Fashion Week was a dream come true, I was surrounded by a plethora of likeminded people. I honestly wasn't even expecting any invites for my first Fashion Week so to attend the shows of some incredible designers such as Camilla & Marc, Maticevski, Alice McCall and Manning Cartell was all so exciting.

When I first heard that MBFWA was moving homes from the Overseas Passenger Terminals to Carriageworks I wasn't really loving it. But after the first day, the charm of Eveleigh swept over and I was taking to the new venue. The industrial vibe and the history of the place was all so beautiful and adding something a bit more special to all the shows.

During the week I got to meet the loveliest people, some I'd admired from the interwebs - seriously, it was like all these bloggers had walked out of my browser and were standing right there in front of me... It was also really lovely to bump into friends and familiar faces while waiting in lines for shows.

While chatting to the lovely Nicole Cooper, we both realised that Fashion Week was really just one big people-watching fest. Everyone was looking at everyone - judging each other's outfits and pinpointing designer wares, recognising people from or trying to figure out which publication/blog everyone else was from and seeing who was sitting front row and who wasn't.

When talking to Helen about the news that Hanne Gaby Odiele was walking for Ellery she said she it might sound a little old-fashioned but what she really cared about was the clothes. The more I thought about it, the more I began to feel as if people are becoming so caught up in the theatrics of the fashion shows that we're really losing the reason why we go to fashion week (i.e. to view the clothes), and I think this has really impacted the way designers choose to show their collections and how they structure their shows.

Of course, it's always nice for the audience to have incredible visuals and to be entertained, but when it overshadows the designer's collections that's when it becomes a problem (I'm looking at you Camilla). The theatrics of the shows then become distractions that detract away from all the designer's hard work.

I think the definite highlights of my week were chatting to Phoebe Tonkin who, by the way, was so sweet and incredibly down-to-earth despite being one of the most beautiful creatures to ever come out of Australia, and meeting the absolutely delightful Hillary Kerr of my online fashion bible Who What Wear who is honestly one of the nicest ladies I have ever met!

Though Fashion Week was an incredible experience, it was also a very draining one - after all I was there for work with Breakfast With Audrey. I churned out show reviews like there was no tomorrow on several cups of mediocre coffee (at least they looked pretty...), even skipping some shows to get posts up on the website!

You can read my reviews for the following shows over on BWA:

Images courtesy of Raynard TanAllan Hoang and Tim Da Rin for Breakfast With Audrey


  1. I've adored Bless'ed are the Meek for so long! Great coverage doll.

    Becoming Lola

    1. Can't get enough of Bless'ed! Thank you so much honey, love your work!

      Emily xx