February 10, 2013


At the beginning of the year I was on the hunt for some candles to match my newly renovated bedroom. I was contemplating splurging on a Diptyque candle but then I happened to stumble across these beautiful Bombardier Designs candles on Vydia’s blog and I was completely sold on the packaging: simple, elegant and chic – just what I was searching for. And at $19.95 a pop vs. the $99 I was prepared to drop at Mecca Cosmetica – could it get any better? I contacted the beautiful and talented Kayla of Bombardier Designs and she was a dream to deal with.

I went classic and chose the cleanest, freshest scents from those available. I ended up going with White Tea, French Pear, Fresh Rain and French Vanilla. Kayla, being the lovely person that she is, threw in a full-sized Coconut Palm candle and a small sized Roasted Coffee. I am so beyond happy that she did because those two scents are two of my favourites!

I’m not so great at describing scents, but just to give you an idea I’ve tried to describe them as best as I can!

Coconut Palm is just heaven, it smells so delicious – just like coconut oil! The perfect scent for a balmy summer.
French Pear is my favourite: sweet and light – just like freshly cut pears (surprise, surprise!). Can’t get enough of this one!

French Vanilla is a true rich, indulgent vanilla scent. So delicious but not sickly sweet. Plus no calories!

Fresh Rain is the one I was most excited about. I don’t know how she did it, but Kayla has managed to capture the scent of rain/a rainforest in this little beauty.  A really lovely, refreshing scent.

Roasted Coffee smells like just that – pure roasted coffee beans and again it smells good enough to eat! This is a must-have for coffee lovers!

White Tea is super fresh and clean, can’t find any other way to describe it! This is a beautiful one to burn in the bathroom.

Kayla was also sweet enough to do a mini interview as well!

Oh My Gilded: Where did the idea of making soy candles stem from?

Kayla Bombardier: I initially made the soy candles for myself, I love using natural products and like to know exactly what is in the products I use. My friends loved them and it took off from there. Bombardier Designs candles are not just a candle to me, as a designer I pride myself in not only natural, eco friendly candles but the packaging and label design is just as important to fit into any d├ęcor.

OMG: How do you come up with your scents and which one is your favorite?

KB: This is a matter of trial and error; I have tried a lot of different scents and I only use the ones that I truly love. My favorites are Roasted Coffee and French Vanilla, I burn them together and my house smells amazing! We have also been receiving excellent feedback on our Chai Latte, Musk and Pink Peony candles.

OMG: What’s next for you and Bombardier Designs?

KB: We are currently focusing on getting our website up and running which should be live early this year. 2013 is a very exciting year for Bombardier Designs we have some new and exciting brand extensions in the pipeline, stay tuned! BDx

I'd also love to say a huge thank you to Kayla for being such a delight to work with and I cannot wait to try all the scents in the range!

If you want to learn more about Bombardier Designs or if you would like to purchase some beautiful candles, you can email the lovely Kayla at And if you have Instagram, follow Kayla at @kaylabombardier too!

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