January 8, 2013


What better way to kick of the first proper blog post of 2013 than with an inspiring designer like Miss Dannika Zen. Being a huge leather lover, when I came across Dannika Zen's namesake label it was only natural that I fell in love. 

This lady can transform leather into wearable works of art like no other. Since starting her label in early 2010, Dannika has been unstoppable. She's insanely talented, one of the nicest people I've come across in the industry and gorgeous to boot - talk about a triple threat!

Dannika was lovely enough to oblige me with an interview and let me take some photos at her Paddington pop-up/gallery store. Here's what she had to say...

Oh My Gilded: What has been the best thing about starting your own label?

Dannika Zen: Being able to create garments that are an extension of my soul and creativity, experiencing the processes from start to the finished product and seeing people really resonate with it.

OMG: Congrats on your pop-up store in Sydney’s premiere shopping district, The Intersection in Paddington! Any plans for a permanent store in the future?

DZ: It’s definitely a possibility and always in the plans, but for now we like the pop-up shop idea and will continue moving around with that for a while yet, I’d like to try other cities too!

OMG: What is the most prized possession in your wardrobe?

DZ: I’d have to say it’s my black leather blazer from the very first range I did in 2010. It’s my staple piece thats infinitely classic and the leather is irreplaceable. It was the last one left in a size too small for me because I had a lady stop me on the street insists she buy my original one I was wearing at the time then and there!

OMG: Where did you draw inspiration from for your designs?

DZ: I reference a lot of films and different eras and always looking at menswear. Sometimes traditional textiles or techniques from various countries too. I usually have an idea of a silhouette in mind and then a collection evolves from there.

OMG: What are your current obsessions? (e.g. music, girl crushes, books…)

DZ: In that order Kendrick Lamar, Phoebe Tonkin, Murakami’s IQ84 I got for Christmas I can’t seem to put down…

OMG: If you had the opportunity to dress anyone in Dannika Zen who would it be?

DZ: Badu!

OMG: Favourite piece you’ve designed so far?

DZ: I’m constantly wearing one of the Pilgrim dresses, they’re really simple and easy to style… or the Graphite leather skirt, also a favourite.

OMG: Are there any trends that you’re loving at the moment or any that you wish would come back?

DZ: Anything and everything from the early 90’s.

OMG: What are your aspirations for the Dannika Zen label in 2013 and beyond?

DZ: Expand and maybe some collabs in the air… hopefully have a permanent retail residency somewhere, there are so many ideas in the works.

Dannika has an amazing online presence with her own websiteFacebook and Instagram (dannika_zen). Remember this name, no doubt you'll be hearing a lot more about her this year and in the future.

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    1. I know, seriously cannot wait until her new collection drops! Thanks for the comment lovely! xx

  2. she is absolutely so stunning! I've loved and followed her range for the past year and it's always so inspiring

    x karen

    1. Absolutely! She is destined for huge things, so so ridiculously cool and talented! xx

  3. Loving your blog!
    Would appreciate it if you could check my blog out


  4. loooove this! and dannika zen is just adorable. best pieces and deserves so much more recognition. x