August 31, 2012


Back in May when I was volunteering for MBFWA, I met the stunning Emma at the Aje show, Swedish model and one of the sweetest girls! When she was in town for Fashion Week she walked in most of the shows including Ellery (eep), Zimmermann, Lisa Ho, Manning Cartell, Johanna Johnson, Watson X Watson... the list goes on. Her babe status has also landed her in the pages of Wonderland, Under The Influence, CLEO, Sunday Magazine and an exclusive for Fashion Gone Rogue. She has the most gorgeous porcelain skin, striking eyes and lush dark brunette hair and is currently signed to Chic Management in Australia. Even though she's on the other side of the world, I'm fortunate enough to still be in contact with her and she was lovely enough to agree to answering some questions! Here's what she had to say...

Oh My Gilded: Where are you right now?
Emma Wahlberg: Right now I'm in the middle of nowhere alone with my two dogs in my parents' cottage, my favourite place in the whole world.

OMG: How did you get into modelling?
EW: I sent my picture to an agency in Stockholm.

OMG: What is your favourite modelling job that you have done so far?
EW: I love one job I did in Florida, it was a commercial for a clothing company and we were four girls having fun for days.

OMG: What is your favourite movie?
EW: I love Lord of the Rings and any movie that contains dragons haha!

OMG: What's your favourite beauty or skincare secret?
EW: I am really bad with this stuff so I do not have or know a secret. Moisturizer is all I need.

OMG: Who or what inspires you?
EW: Happiness. 

OMG: Where is your favourite place in the world that you've visited?
EW: No matter where I go in the world there is no place like home, but I still love the shopping in London.

OMG: If you weren't modelling, what would you be doing?
EW: There is so much I want to do, I would love working for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, or at an orphanage somewhere in Africa, or with tourists back home in Lapland, and much more.

OMG: What's the best thing about modelling?
EW: The people I meet.

OMG: What is the best advice you have been given?
EW: To not care about what people say about you and not to listen when people tell you to be a certain way.

OMG: Have you met any famous people? If yes, were you starstruck?
EW: I met my favourite model Sasha Pivovarova in Paris but I was to shy to say anything.

OMG: What's your favourite thing to eat for breakfast?
EW: Sour milk with cloudberry jam.  

OMG: What are your nicknames?
EW: Emmsen but only my mum and aunt call me that.

OMG: What is your favourite thing about Sweden?
EW: The nature.

OMG: What nail polish colour are you wearing right now?
EW: Grey glitter, gotta love glitter!

OMG: What clothing item can you not live without? 
EW: Black jeans, leather jacket. 

OMG: Who are some of your favourite designers/clothing brands?
EW: I don't have a favourite designer or brand, I like a little bit of this and a little bit of that. 

OMG: Do you know any languages other than Swedish? 
EW: English and that's it but I'm trying to learn Russian but it's going pretty slow.... 

OMG: Who are your favourite singers/bands? 
EW: There is so many I love but 70's and 80's rock is closest to my heart. 

OMG: Who are your celebrity crushes?
EW: Angelina Jolie, James Franco and Johnny Depp.


  1. She is such a lovely girl! Such a surprise that she likes lord of the rings.
    She kind of reminds me a bit of Freja Beha.

    1. Yes! She is so adorable!!! Hehe I'm a bit of a geek too - I love Star Wars! Yes! I can totally see that now, but a little less androgynous. Thanks for stopping by lovely!!!

      Emily xxx

  2. The images on your blog are so inspiring! Great blog!

    1. Wow, thank you so much! That means a lot!

      Emily xxx

  3. Anahita Paul22/9/14

    I see a little bit of Marnie Harris in her as well! She seems lovely :)

    And amazing interview, and I LOVE your blog!