August 11, 2012

i-D #320

source: loudculture

i-D was one of the first purely fashion-based magazines I started reading. I even made a collage of my favourite covers for one of my assignments for my Digital Media course in high school two or three years ago. Although I don't buy it as religiously anymore, it always manages to draw me in and appeals to my inner freak. I loved the magazine purely because of how different it was to the other magazines I'd seen at my local newsagent. It wasn't afraid to explore more than the sugar-coated side to fashion and I admired it for that. Today I saw this cover of British singer, Twigs. Never heard of her, don't know what she's about. Just tried Googling her and I can't find much about her other than the occasional picture. She represents what i-D is all about - discovery. They uncover Twigs and give her a profile and display it to anybody who will listen. Soon, she'll have fan sites and maybe even a Twitter. But for now, she's a singer in i-D who is hoping to be noticed. Needless to say, I've fallen back in love with i-D.


  1. Hey, I've tagged you for the Liebster Award, check it out:

    1. Hi lovely lady! Thanks so much, so excited to fill it out!

      Emily xxx

  2. What is her real name? Did i-D say?