August 15, 2012


The first time I laid eyes on the beauty back in 2010 in an editorial for Russh (has it really been two years?!?!) I thought she was beautiful and her eyebrows awesome, but wasn't completely enamoured by her. Over time, she became a regular on the modelling circuit and she was gaining in popularity overseas. Still I didn't really think much of her. Only until yesterday I realised that she was probably one of my favourite models personality wise.

If you're from Australia you may know that last night hosted the annual David Jones Spring/Summer 2012 Fashion Launch which saw Miranda Kerr, the ambassador for the department store, finally return on home soil. She looked ridiculous, she just gets better and better. Amongst her wear other well-known Aussie models like Samantha Harris, Rachel Rutt, Jessica Gomes, Alexandra Agoston, Julia Nobis, Nicole Pollard, Jemma Baines, etc. But who I wasn't expecting to be there was Bambi! I saw her and thought, wow she's looking gorgeous tonight, but then she cast a spell on me. Her smile and her energy seduced me and now I'm hooked. She definitely suits her nickname perfect is so freaking sweet/cute and seems like the nicest girl!

A few weeks ago I also saw an ad for Work Out Life which I clicked on through a link she tweeted and thought it was so cute. Little did I know, this was one of the many signs pointing to Bambi. Last week I posted an article on Tony Bianco's e-zine 'White' on Breakfast With Audrey featuring none other than Bambi. Then at my interview with Josh I was waiting for him and saw test shots of Bambi in his Resort collection. Then, while he was going through my portfolio which included the Tony Bianco article, he made a little noise/laugh of recognition. So to sum up this really long post, I love Bambi Northwood-Blyth! 

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