June 16, 2012


YES! PLEASE! Nothing like some amazing florals, leopards and pastels to brighten up a day of gloomy Sydney weather! Falling so hard for this collection, it's got a mix of styles for everyone really. The collection is really sports luxe meets flirty and girly with a bit of menswear-inspired tailoring and some animal print thrown into the pile. And surprisingly, they work so well together, I don't know how Stella McCartney does it but this collection is genius. Still white on white looks are going strong and I need some some white lace in my life right now - that dress is stunnnnnnnnning. Oh and did I mention that I'm freaking done for this semester?! Can I get a HALLELUJAH? Expect some major blogging time to be had over the next few weeks, loves! 

source: becauseimaddicted


  1. this a joke i must have missed!!!
    loveee the clean lines, fresh colours, Ef this is brilliant!
    kind of loving the blog lady! x

    1. Me too! So crisp and beautiful, the colours are amaze! Thanks so much, that's really sweet!!! I just checked yours out and I'm loving! Follow me on Google Connect or Bloglovin'! xx