June 15, 2012


True to form, Dion Lee's latest collection, Lunar Tides, is full of futuristic, flattering, fashion-forward styles that focus on beautiful tailored pieces and amazing structural elements of clothing. The lookbook, featuring one of my favourites Krystal Glynn as well as the stellar Jess Gold, is wonderfully shot against a black and white minimalist backdrop. So proud to be an Australian right now and Dion is proving to be one of the next big things on an international scale, securing a place on the homepage with this very collection!!! Insanity! I'm really feeling the colour palette as well with a stunning mix of greys, blacks, greens, blues, metallics and bold highlighter colours - a really modern twist on classic-style tees and skirts as well as interesting shapes and beautiful attention to detail. Shame we missed out on a Dion Lee show at MBFWA this year, but seeing how wonderful this collection is I really don't mind. Such a winner!

The most beautiful lavender colour that I think is going to be HUGE this upcoming season.

Can't get over the beauty of the spinal/skeletal detailing on the jacket on the left, super lust-worthy.

Beautiful textures and the shapes on the turquoise dress on the right are flawless.

Perfect structural elements and tailoring and just the right amount of sheer.

Monochrome madness ft. the Christina Centenera MBFWA top on the right.

The dress on the left is such a beauty, sheer + black heaven and the top half of it is just perfection.

This season's take on metallics.

Neon green + grey marle is just a classic.

Loving the interesting textures from both looks and that bomber jacket has the perfect amount of slouch.

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