May 1, 2012


So today I received an emailed from MyCatwalk inviting me to join them in launching the brand Nowhere exclusively to their stores. If you don't know, Nowhere is the brainchild of Swedish mega-superstar blogger Elin Kling and Nhu Duong and Elin is here in Sydney for this event along with MBFWA. So... I'm going to meet Elin Kling! She is one of my style icons and is the epitome of laidback, effortless, chic, European style and I am beyond excited and ecstatic and I was jumping around last night when I had found out that I'd won their competition. I've picked two outfits out and they're both bare-legged so fingers crossed it isn't freezing. I have uni til four pm that day so I'll be sprinting home to get changed and be on my way again. I'll keep you all updated very very soon about this exciting event. Much love!

UPDATE: Met her today while I was volunteering at Magdalena Velevska. She was so sweet and said she was really excited for tomorrow. Can't wait until tomorrow!


  1. You get to meet Elin? I am so jealous!
    Tell me if you get to see the collection, I'm tempted to pre-order but I want to know what the quality is like.
    Hope you're enjoying fashion week :)

    Mel xx

    PS. Skirt is by Kahlo

    1. I met her today at Magdalena Velevska and she is an absolute sweetheart! I'll keep you posted, will upload photos soon after the event. I'm a bit sceptical as well since the price point is so incredibly affordable!!! But the designer, Nhu Duong, has worked with Acne so I'm sure the quality will be excellent! xx