April 5, 2012


I freaking love the Olsen twins. I've been following them since the dawn of my existence. I even had an MKA-obsessed phase (okay maybe not a phase since it's still going on) when I was a 'tween' and I owned Our Lips Are Sealed on VHS. I also owned a few pieces from their clothing line collaboration with Target, namely a denim pageboy cap. I've always envied them and I remember reading a magazine where they mentioned they had a younger sister, Lizzie, who was pictured with them when they had gotten their stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. I just thought she was pretty and almost a head taller than her sisters. Fast forward eight years and she's a star-in-the-making. And now I envy her too. Especially her hair. Although I could never get my dark brown hair to be as perfectly glowy and glossy as hers, I'll be using her as inspiration for my next visit to the hair salon. 

sources: zimbio, elle

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