March 28, 2012


Here's my beginning.

I am Emily, a girl born and bred in Sydney. I am enamoured with everything beautiful and I am a slave to fashion and beauty. I worship at the altar of Tom Ford. Genius really isn't enough to describe this beyond extraordinary god.

Thought I'd get the ball rolling with a bit of a Proust-style questionnaire provided by AnOther Magazine.

What are you thinking of right now?
 Assignments. Five weeks into uni and they're driving me insane!
What makes you laugh?
 So many things. My brother is one of the funniest people I know. Being around positive, happy people is really important to me.
What makes you cry? 
Again, many things. I'm a sucker for a rom-com or an inspirational, heart-wrenching story.
What do you consider to be the greatest invention? 
The computer.
Do you have a mentor or inspirational figure that has guided or influenced you? 
My mother is such a driving force within my life. She's my best friend.
Where do you feel most at home?
 At home.
Where are you right now? 
In my bedroom.
What is your proudest achievement in work? 
Doing a course at uni that I love.
What is your proudest achievement in life?
 Proving to myself that I can do things if I work hard at them.
What do you most dislike about contemporary culture? The fact that things like social networking and the like have reduced people's needs for physical human contact. It's pretty terrifying actually.
What do you most like about the age we live in? 
The new ideas and developments are super exciting!
At what points do life and work intersect?
 When you're truly passionate about what you're working for.
What’s the best advice you’ve been given? Focus only on what you can do to change things, don't dwell on things that you can't help.
What is the biggest risk you’ve ever taken? 
Blanking on this one.
Recommend a book or poem that has changed your perspective on life?
 Treasure Yourself by Miranda Kerr.
What is your earliest childhood memory?
 Watching television sitting on my little foldout Bananas in Pyjamas couch eating soy chicken drumsticks.
What’s the most important relationship in your life? My family gives me strength and I know I can always come back to them without them judging me which is such a beautiful thing.
What’s the most romantic action you’ve taken? 
Don't even get me started on romance.
What’s the most spiritual action you’ve taken? I've been trying to cleanse my body of toxins of late but it is becoming increasingly difficult. Not good.
If you could wish for one change in the world what would it be?
 Truth in society. And tolerance.

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